Friday, February 1, 2013

New cover for The Loss of Deference

A new year always brings with it the chance for reflection, and whilst those of you who have read my last post will know that I do not make resolutions, it is always a good chance to reflect on things that need, let's say, attention.

So with this in mind, just before last Christmas I asked a group of writers and readers to have a look at my old cover for The Loss of Deference. I asked them to be critical. They were.

Whilst many said they liked the cover, virtually everybody said that it didn't fit the genre, the story, or portray the medical undertone to the story. Somebody also said that they didn't like the big nose, another said that they thought that it was a collection of French new wave poetry, and finally somebody likened his face to a hurricane. Poor thing.

With all this in mind I enlisted the wonderful designer and illustrator Michelle Abrahall to re-work the cover. She gave me lots of choices, and then lots of subtle tweaks of the final design to the point where today I am in a position to release the eBook cover.

I am very happy with her final design, and have found a designer that has really worked alongside me to produce the kind of cover that I was looking for.  This is also a great moment to announce that The Loss of Deference will soon be available in paperback, and the book jacket is just around the corner!
For more information regarding Michelle Abrahall's work, you can see her profile and further examples here. 


  1. Not sure what to say about it other than it put a smile on my face. Maybe a slightly evil one, as I know how the book ends. Even so....well done!

  2. Thanks Jason! From that I will take it as a good sign :-) Hopefully the people who don't know how the book ends will be interested enough to find out!