Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Christmas

So, Christmas day is here and there is wrapping paper on the floor, sticky tape stuck to the table, my foot, and probably my forehead too.  The presents have been opened and the food is in the oven.  The Skype calls have been made, and wishes sent electronically to my family and friends in places too far to visit for a cup of Christmas tea.

New Kindle!!

This week I opened my Christmas present early because I knew what it was.  Generally I am not one to ask for certain things, but this year I knew what I wanted.  So when Santa Claus, who was obviously on his day off because he was wearing a DHL uniform, arrived with my present it didn't quite make it underneath the tree.  I knew that inside that little black box there was a gift I had been waiting for all year!  My new Kindle.

I have an endless backlog of eBooks to read now, and I am so overexcited by the screen that defies the sunshine, and the fact that it appears to have an inbuilt child/husband repellent becasue they took only one look at it and haven't touched it since!  This week I read A Christmas Carol, just to get in the spirit of things!

I am signing off now for a cup of tea and a late breakfast.  Wishing everybody a very merry Christmas and hoping that your day is filled with love, happiness, peace, and joy. 

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