Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blog Tour Time

Well, after many weeks of wondering if I could actually pull of a blog tour all by myself, I learned that I couldn't.  But with ten willing bloggers on your team not counting me, it all becomes possible!

So thank you very much to each and every blogger or magazine editor who has offered to host me below.  Without you guys it simply wouldn't be happening, or at least if it were, I would be poorer.

So what exactly is happening?

Between the 15th and 25th of April 2013, I will be appearing on all of the above blogs.  Each day the type of post will be clearly stated on here, my Facebook page and on my website.  Links for all of this can be found below.  Throughout the ten days there will be interviews, excerpts, author spotlights, character interviews, and one reading.  So if you don't know me personally, here is your chance to put a voice to the name and the face.  Plus, perhaps most importantly, there will be prizes.  

There are several ways to claim your price.  You can;

  1. Like my Facebook page.  This can be done through my website or the page itself.
  2. Comment on a relevant blog tour Facebook post.
  3. Share a relevant blog tour Facebook post.
  4. Sign up for my newsletter on my website.
  5. Any combinations of the above are also greatly welcomed.
Everybody who does at least one of the above will automatically receive one free eBook to either their email or Facebook email, depending on what you have provided.  The second prize will be a signed paperback.  First prize will be a signed paperback plus a free gift bag.  

Make sure you drop by at some point in the tour and leave your comments.  Tell your friends too!


  1. I have liked and shared on Facebook and also have signed up for your newsletter I would love to win the signed copy. Thank you for the chance. My FB name is Tina M Kohrman. My email address is tinabrownsv(at)aol(dot)com.

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