Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It started with a ............

I'm not sure if two months count as complete abandonment of my blog, but it certainly feels that way.  It  is a grand total of sixty two days since I typed anything for publication here.  I have abandoned my blog, and my readers.  I announce a blog tour and then...............silence.  I'm sorry.  But, in my defence, I have excuses.

Let's make a list.

  1. I have finished editing my third manuscript to the point that I need a proof reader.
  2. I have been working with a designer for the cover of said manuscript
  3. I went to England for ten days
  4. I went to Paris for three days whilst en route to England (that's me in Paris looking writerly)
  5. I had a seizure and spent a week in hospital.
I have purposefully written you the list of excuses in reverse order of occurrance, just so number five creeps up on you unexpectedly.  Like it did me.  You think it's just a normal I'm such a busy writer list, swanning about on holiday scenario, and then whoops, you were wrong.    Up until a couple of months ago, the words 'It started with a.....,' for me always ended with 'Kiss', the smooth vocals of the 1970's pop band Hot Chocolate playing out in my dad's bright red Ford Cortina (just hoovered) on our annual pilgrimage to Weymouth (because Great Yarmouth was sooooo 1983).  But now it ends in seizure.  It started with a Seizure.  And yes, it deserves that captical letter.

So that was the beginning of my abandonment.  After taking what seemed like such innocent little steroid tablets to open up my blocked and apparently broken nose (no, real side effects apparently, I just might not sleep very well) my brain decided they wern't for me and took action against them.  According to the doctors everybody is allowed one Seizure.  I guess at least I can tick it off the bucket list.  Great.

But, back to the present day and having said goodbye to the hospital, neurologists, and watching an innordinate amount of useless television because my concentration was inconsistent with editing, I got way behind.  Way way behind.  My poor little manuscript was left languishing in my office wondering what it had done wrong.  OK, so I had a little holiday too, and yes Paris and the UK were lovely but I worked on the plane and whilst I was in England.  Honestly.  Promise.

So I have caught up with all that got forgotten.  Goodreads giveaway sent.  Late, but sent.  Editing finished.  Late, but done.  Blog tour giveaway organised and will be sent tomorrow morning with my new newsletter.  Blog post written.  Almost.  And that, my friends just about sum up two months.  Except to say that the nose remains broken.  I guess one working nostril is enough at any given time, right?

So I am back with my blog.   We have made friends and all is forgiven.  I am back to wondering what is best to write about, fretting about the next book, not having enought time to fit everything all in, and I have absolutely no doubts that I wouldn't have it any other way.

PS: got the first cover designs for the next book.  Oh, I am excited!  Cannot wait to share them soon!

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