Saturday, June 15, 2013

Identity X - Sign up for Advanced Release Copies

There has been talk, and the initial announcement has been made.  Identity X is going live this September.  It's all systems go here ,whilst rigorously preparing to get this novel ready for publication.  

The manuscript itself is pretty much there.  The design work is well underway and will without any doubt end up being my favourite cover so far.  But, it seems that the really hard work has only just begun, because between now and release day there are some major obstacles to hurdle over and one of those is getting reviews.

Now I will of course be submitting the book to all manner of people and blogs and getting reviews in the usual way.  There will also be a Librarything and Goodreads giveaway.  But this is not enough.  I want to try and build up a team of people who are interested in getting their hands on an early copy, who would in return be happy to consider publishing their opinions in the form of a review.  You might be an avid reader, a blogger, another writer.  Whoever you are, I want to hear from you!

So I am asking here for you to stand up, raise your hand, nudge me in the ribs and say, 'me!  I do!  I want one!'  Some people have already done so and for that I thank you.  There is no limitation in numbers for eBooks, so spread the word to anybody you know who likes a free book.  To get involved all you have to do is sign up here.

I am so tempted to add in a quick snapshot of the design concept, but I think I'll keep it under wraps a little longer.  So instead, to wet your appetites, here is the blurb for my new conspiracy thriller that you can get your hands on free of charge before general release.

Ben Stone has one aim; discover the cure for genetic disease. He watched his father die and promised himself that it would never happen again, especially to his own son. After his appointment as lead researcher in Bionics Laboratories he begins his desperate research. It takes four years, but he succeeds. He discovers NEMREC, a serum able to reconstruct DNA and cure the diseases that have driven him. It should be the beginning of a new future, but by changing the face of the world, he has unwittingly destroyed his own.

After arriving at his laboratory to find that it has disappeared, he is sucked into a world of conspiracy and betrayal. The Agency wants NEMREC and will do anything to get it, believing it to be the most powerful scientific discovery in decades. But it wasn't just NEMREC that they wanted. The Agency wanted Ben dead, but somehow he survived. His best friend, his wife, and Ami, the beautiful scientist who he has fallen for at work all offer to help him, but each has a different version of the truth. They all have their own agenda, only one of them wants what he wants, and in a world where you are already dead, how is it that you are supposed to survive?

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