Thursday, August 22, 2013

First 5 star review for Identity X

So exciting to see another review on Goodreads for Identity X!  Thank you to all my readers so far!  For now, this is what Donna has to say about it on Goodreads.

I just finished my ARC copy of “Identity X” and all I can say is, Michelle has done it again. With so much action going on in this story, it’s amazing how she manages to make these characters so real. She seamlessly brings their background history and current situations together so that you feel you know these people intimately. And her world building, done so subtly that you almost feel as if it’s the world we’re living in now, conveys such a sense of underlying menace and hopelessness, that you are transported into that world without even realizing it.

Although there was a point at which I thought something very like what the end turned out to be might happen, it was still a twist that I didn’t see coming. There could definitely be a sequel and if it’s like this book, I can only hope it will happen. I’d definitely enjoy entering this world again, as well as any world Michelle creates. She definitely has the gift of storytelling. 
5 stars

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