Friday, November 8, 2013

Author Interview: Sydney Arrison

Please offer a warm welcome today to our guest author Sydney Arrison who is here to share her first novel with us, My Heart in Seoul, which was recently released and is available through Amazon.  So without delay, hi and welcome, Sydney!  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life as a writer.  Do you write full time, or do you have another job or are studying?  What about when you are not writing? 
I live in a small town outside of New York. I'm married with two children and a dog. Other than writing I love to walk and bike on the nature trails. For many years I worked for an independent newspaper covering politics, human interest stories, and zoning disputes. After nodding off during a town-hall meeting about a zoning law, I realized that this is probably not something I'd like to continue doing.
What was the hardest challenge when constructing your plot and characters for My Heart in Seoul?
When I started writing the story I knew where I wanted it to go, it was just a matter of getting there. For me the biggest challenge was not letting the “real world” distract me from writing.  My BFF was gravely ill when I started the book and passed after I finished the final draft. Writing is what kept me afloat.  
I see that you have used the services of a separate editor and artist.  Do you think it is possible for an indie author to do everything herself?
Madison and her staff at Front Porch were amazing throughout the publishing process. I think if an indie author has the drive and determination they absolutely can do it. They just have to be prepared to do the hard work.
What initially drew you to the romance genre?
I really like the development of relationships. I also love the old classic romance movies and books.
If you had to stop writing tomorrow, what would it be that you miss the most?
I would miss creating characters and living inside of their world for a while.
For the tweeters out there, describe your writing style in less than 140 characters.
 It’s hard to express a style. My intent when writing is to keep the reader engaged. I’m acutely aware of pacing; I never want the reader to be bored. I want the words to emote.
Oooo, you cheated!  That's more than 140!  I'll let you off though.  What are your future writing plans?  Any more books lined up?
Right now I’m working on a young adult mystery novel. The story takes place in the south in the 1950’s.
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us today!  You can find out more about Sydney in the following places.
And you can buy My Heart in Seoul here


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    1. You are very welcome! Thanks so much for being part of my blog and sharing your work with us!