Thursday, November 7, 2013

The WIP and other weekly news


I suppose a bit of a sorry is in order because there has been a distinct lack of blog communication going on this week.  Reasons are numerous, some good, some not so good, and some you just don't want to hear about.

Primarily I have been a bit on the ill side and haven't really been up to much.  You don't want to know in what way, but let's just say I haven't had any visitors.  Or food.  No, rice doesn't count.  I am sat here feeling oooooh so hungry and still not eating.   You catch my drift, right?  Enough said.

A better reason is that on day four of November, I finally decided that what the hell, let's give NaNoWriMo a crack.   I really hope that you caught Evie Gaughan's post on Monday because that for me was the final tip in the balance towards having a go.  It was very inspiring.

So by day seven I have indeed been plodding through the hurdle of making a start and currently the word count sits somewhere in the region of 5,500.  Not bad for three poorly days.  This story follows a group of survivors of a post nuclear war Britain living in the last remaining tower blocks of London, all of which are controlled by one main power.  The Omega Tower.  Everybody wants to get a place in Omega.  Everybody except for one girl.  She want's to get out, but not even the resident's of Omega understand her reasons why.  But how did these towers even exist, when everything else was destroyed?


I have also been holding a FREE GIVEAWAY for Identity X.  It is the first giveaway since release and so far so good.  Well, almost.  When you set up your giveaway on select there are only a few selections to make.  Which book do you want to give away?  When does it start?  When does it end?  Simple right?  I thought so.  My giveaway started as planned on the 5th as it was supposed to, with the exception of one major site.  It took 24 hours and an irate email to Amazon for the .com site to get it's act together.  Anyway, better late than never, isn't that what they say?  But currently the giveaway (and therefore Amazon) is still in my good books because I am sitting in the #1 slot in my category, at #2 in science fiction, and at #164 overall on  This has happened without being picked up by one of the main free-book advertisers so far, so thank you everybody who is downloading Identity X and putting a smile on an otherwise poorly face!

If you didn't get your copy yet and you would like to sneak one onto your Kindle whilst you can for the grand price of 'one click', you can get your copy through the links below.
And I just noticed that it is #101 overall in Canada!  Canada, I love you!

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