Friday, September 7, 2012

Free 5star book: The Loss of Deference

I would like to start this post by saying a big thank you to both Frank Zubek and Daniel R. Marvello for a fantastic start to the week.  It has been a pleasure to have you featured on my blog, and to learn about your writing technique and style.  The 'Back to School' interviews and blog posts have got off to an amazing start, and have recieved a lot of hits.  Thank you also to all of you who stopped by in order to read it.  Next week we will kick off with the wonderful Abby Stewart, and keep up the momentum with Griffin Hayes, Caddy Rowland, and Shaun Fisher.  Anybody who describes their work as a mixture between The Ring and The Goonies has got my vote!

On a personal note, I am checking in today with, as promised a finished first draft.  I gave myself (at the time what seemed like a very scary) self imposed deadline for today to be the day at which I could report back that I had sailed past 80,000 words with the ease and certainty of the QE2, and sure as promised, and I might add a day early, I did indeed reach my target.  I am over the moon with joy that I have a first draft complete, and just a little bit sad that it's done.

To Save the RealmIt is also the week in which I was left a five star review for The Loss of Deference.  It's always great to hear that people loved my work, and fantastic that they wished to share their thoughts.  I have also been reading this week and have finished the fantastic To Save the Realm by T.B. Crattie.  It had me hooked from page one, and was a really great magical mystery tour through the UK.

In celebration of the completion of the first stage in the journey of book two, and the continued success of The Loss of Deference, this weekend I am giving The Loss of Deference away as a free download through Amazon. Please spread the word and the link, and ensure that anybody that you know who enjoys reading has the oppertunity to get themselves a free copy.  Have a great weekend!

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