Friday, October 5, 2012

Back in the Hot Seat

They say a change is as good as a rest and the past month is certainly no exception.  It is so long since I have written a blog post of my own, I have almost forgotten how to do it.  Not literally of course, but a whole month away after surrendering my blog over to sixteen other writers who have appeared over the course of the month is certainly enough to throw you off course.

That said, there is no better place to start this post than by thanking all of those writers who have appeared on my blog.  Between them they shared a wealth of writing knowledge, opinions, talent, and of course collectively years and years of experience.  I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their work, and judging on the viewing figures that my blog has been getting so have my readers.  The indie publishing world is alive and well readers, no matter what the big publishing houses will have us all believe. One of the most interesting viewpoints to me that came through in a number of the interviews was the competition experienced between indie authors themselves.  This in all honesty goes against anything that I have experienced since the release of The Loss of Deference.  I have encountered nothing but warmth from other writers who have offered me advice and guidance, help and blog space.  This was really where the whole idea of having other guest bloggers came from, so to hear that other writers have had their dreams beaten down by other writers in the same position feels like a bitter pill to swallow.   But we should remember that a wise man gets more use from his enemies, than a fool from his friends.

It has also been a very busy month for me behind the scenes.  I held the first giveaway of The Loss of Deference and had a considerable amount of downloads.  I say considerable having no real understanding of what an impressive figure might be, but it feels good to know there are now almost a thousand copies out there being read and that somewhere in that there might just be a few people who liked it enough to bother to write an Amazon review.  There will also be a second giveaway this coming week starting on 9th and finishing on 11th October.  This really will be the last chance to get yourself a free copy, and this event will be much better publicised that the first (thanks T.S. Welti for all the advice!).  As for book two it is now firmly in the hands of the editors.  I have proof read it three times, and I am hoping that this time when it comes back I won't make any last minute changes that let in undetected mistakes prior to release.  The release date in mind is 1st December 2012.  OK, OK, I know it's a Saturday but in the world of Facebook and Twitter does it really matter?  These worlds never sleep!

I have so many other things I want to type, but in the interests of not writing enough to constitute the first chapter of book three, I will save something for next week.  I am excited already about Monday and what I am going to post!

I hope you like the new look blog.  I find the colours and the layout less monotone and less depressing.  I decided I was taking myself far too seriously with the black and white photos and all grey scheme.  Thoughts on the new look please!!

Have a great weekend. 

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