Friday, October 12, 2012

The Loss of Deference is now a feature length film!

Ok, let’s start off by clearing up the rather misleading title.

1.      I did not have dinner with Cameron or Spielberg

2.      I have not been lured by a Hollywood executive with the promise of fame or fortune

3.      Julianne Moore is not clambering for the part of Molly (but more about that in a minute)

4.      And rather importantly, there is no movie offer in the pipeline.

So why the big fat lie?

It is very simply because I made a trailer, and that trailer happened to be rather well received. It was my first foray into the digital world of film (besides a very heavily poorly edited bachelorette weekend of a good friend). But it was a lot of fun, and gave a wonderful visual representation of the mood that I wanted to set in the book. So this got me thinking. If there were to be a movie made, who would play the characters?

We talked about the ultimate bad guys in the last post, and I easily knew then who I wanted to write about. But who, if I got the pick of Hollywood would I put in my own film?

So in the style of IMDB, here is my cream of the crop, my ultimate casting list. And Sorry Kutcher, I wish you were on it I really do as I would love to spend a few months on a movie set with you.  But you're not.

Will Moreton

We'll I am starting local. He was born just up the road from my childhood home, the brilliant Clive Owen. He was the face of Will in my mind the whole way through writing the book, because he has a quality of kindness in his face, and yet you know just underneath that surface there is that personal strength that it would take to carry a terrible secret his whole life, and somehow remain unburdened by it and loyal to Daniel.

Daniel Fox

A simple choice. The best friend of Will, he must be able to hold it together when his world is caving in around him, and be able to cope with the loneliness of his life.  But when necessary, he also has to find that cold and calculating streak to betray those who are closest to him. For me there is only one actor in Hollywood at the moment that can inspire empathy and hatred and any single moment. Stand up Christian Bale.

Molly Moreton

She was loyal for years, a dedicated wife and ultimately good person. She has stood by Will's side with strength as her life collapsed into the pieces in which she now finds herself. It is only then that she slips, once she sees what her life has become and covets her lost dreams. In a cold world of loneliness, she will not let her life fall apart. There is a resistance to her, a streak of self serving selfishness. She is not to be walked all over. She is also a sexy redhead, and so welcome to your new role Julianne Moore.

Dr. Robert Carter

Described to me by one reader as the ultimate ‘bad’ in The Loss of Deference he is the key holder, he is the big player. He is the nut that turns the screw. But yet he is almost secondary, his deeds going on in the background. Is he too just following orders? Is he too just a man trying to save his family from reality or is he really the cold blooded criminal that history would lead us to believe him to be? Whatever he is, he has the ability to turn his back on morality, on life. He has a conviction that far outweighs that of the other characters. He is not driven by emotion or anger. He made a very calculated choice. Should I be able to wave a very magical and wonderful wand I would welcome Ralph Fiennes wholeheartedly into this pivotal role.

The Loss of Deference is currently free for download from Amazon.


  1. I knew I detected I hint of "children of men" in the bit of the book I've read so far :)

  2. How could I agnore the obvious local connections! I have seen that movie, and thought it was great. I think I am drawn to a dystopian world, be it from a country wide perspective or from a single characters POV. Clive owen is a real talent! Well done Coventry!