Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Post: Rashaad Bell

I write because I have a story to tell. Its not the most concise story and its not the best edited story in the world, but its a story nonetheless. This offends people. It offends traditional publishers because it is a threat to their way of doing business. It signifies that I no longer need them and their antiquated business practices to find my audience. It proves to them that in fact, I don't need them anymore. I can create my own online presence. I can create my own paperbacks and distribute them. I've, in essence, taken the power that they have held over traditional publishing and proved that it is now obsolete. I can kick down my own doors and place my books firmly in the hands of people that desire them without the need of Big Six approval.

It also offends the elitist of indie authors as well. How dare I attempt to sell something that is nowhere near the perfection of their fully vetted, professionally edited manuscripts? To them, my poorly written, continuity error filled novel, with it's homemade cover design and dated pop culture references and lackluster editing even attempt to try and carve out a little niche for myself? I need to do it their way or not at all. More importantly, since it's not of "professional grade quality", I need to crawl back into whatever hovel I came from and not show my face until it meets their merit of perfection. To them, I am a threat to everything they stand for. I am going to ruin indie publishing. I'm going to turn off their readers with my incoherent ramblings that I pass off as a novel.

I also write about Vampires. This offends people.  People are sick of Vampires! They suck, pardon the pun. It's not a real book. I'm just flooding the market place with my Vampire crap, stopping readers from finding their masterpiece. Nobody wants to read it anyway. Your destroying indie publishing with that nonsense, go write a real book!

I never imagined that by sitting at the keyboard and typing, I would offend so many people. But do you want to know a secret?

I don't care.

I'm not writing my books to gain the attention of the Big Six and I sure as heck don't write to gain the approval of other indie authors. I write because I have a story to tell, plain and simple. I'm just a guy, with a keyboard and an idea. I never claimed I was anything other then that. I'm not here to give you that great, all American novel. I'm not trying to create something that will go down in history as one of the greatest things written since Tolkien sat down at a typewriter. I'm just here to tell you about a girl named Madison Amber Rose who is destined to open one of the Boxes of Pandora. Vampires want her dead, Werewolves are hounding her every step and ancient Gods have suddenly reappeared in our dimension with plans on destroying reality itself.

Who am I?

I'm just a guy with an idea, a little bit of writing skills and the ability to get that idea on your Ebook device. I'm not here to give you that perfect masterpiece you've been waiting on, but I'm trying. I get better ever day. Right now, I'm not that author that I always dreamed of being, but practice makes perfect. The funny thing is, if they think I'm a threat now, they oh boy, I've got a surprise coming for them in the future.

Vampire Manifesto is out now on Amazon:

Fledgling (Vampire Manifesto Book Two):


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