Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's time to say hello.....

After spending years sat behind a computer screen, writing in quiet moments and wrestling with the idea of giving up altogether, I am finally at the stage where I need to introduce myself to the world. I may be only thirty and therefore you might think perfectly placed to have this blogging lark down to a fine art. However in honest truth, I have never blogged before (save Googling it and fiddling with the account settings to see what it looked like), I don't have a Facebook or Twitter profile, and I still don’t understand the @# thingamygiggy. But I have made it to the stage of having a blog. So here we go. Let’s start with why we are here.

Long have I harboured grandiose ideas of being a writer, whiling away days fretting over character traits and plot twists. Sat somewhere in a grand old room, cigarette and coffee at the side (gave up smoking eight years ago, started coffee three years ago). I have up until now though, been living in the real world, with a full time job and on-call commitments. After trailing my way through the last six years, my first book is finished. Gone are the days of scribbled noted and plot ideas. It is actually finished.

As for me, here it is in bullet point form, as you'll get to know me along the way. Female. Thirty (for another two weeks anyway). Reader. Writer. Hiker. Secret fan of reality TV. Girlfriend. Good friend. Frustrated learner of the Greek language.

So thats me in a nutshell.  Now let's get to work!

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