Saturday, July 28, 2012

Never give up!

So, the Olympic Games are finally here.  A £27 Million pound show opened the ceremony with an estimated worldwide audience in excess of one billion.  That's a lot of zeros!  But watching that show last night was not only a fantastic personal reminder of my home country (well done UK!) with a run back through my history lessons, twenty nine years of television, music, and popular culture.  It was also a chance to see what can be acheived with dedication.  So many atheletes who have dedicated years to their sport, hours and hours everyday with no rest; performers who have worked tirelessless to put on the show; all of the faces behind the scenes.  With commitment comes success.
no previewThis week I have heard about two writers, both of whom have shared their stories about sudden rises in their book sales, and out of the blue all of their hard work comes to fruition.
Motto for today, is write more, try harder, never give up..........sometimes it might be hard to predict, but that gold medal might just be over he very next hurdle.

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