Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's review Thursday

Ok, so I admit there is no such section on this blog that is called Review Thursday, but it is my blog an I make the rules!  So today, it's Review Thursday.

This is because I have a couple of lovely readers who have left me equally lovely reviews.  So here are a few snippits from their comments:

Thank you so much to Deborah McKnight for her review which was posted on her blog in August.

Michelle Muckley's Identity X was delightfully suspenseful. The twists and turns had me hanging on, anxiously turning the pages! The plot was clever and the world Muckley created felt very real. The cast of characters were well developed as were their back-stories. In a short space of time, I felt as though I not only knew Ben Stone but I was pulling for him. I can only hope that she will follow up with a sequel.

My recommendation:
And from I, Curmudgeon who can be found on Goodreads
This story reminded me a lot of films by Alfred Hitchcock such as “North by Northwest” and “Vertigo.” The characters are very human, each with their own motivation, and reasons for them to be like they turned out and nothing is as it seems. Great stuff. I liked the heroes and heroines, and, like Ben, I wondered at time’s what the hell he needed to do next. At first I thought the initial few chapters were a bit chaotic but, after the truth started coming out, they made perfect sense, better than perfect sense. I would call it “well choreographed.” It was not as cerebral as Escaping life, but in other ways it was better and more intense. Muckley has a good sense of pace and the tension built to a fever pitch peaking at the right moment.

Yes Ms Muckley, I’m in favor of a sequel. The epilogue opened a door rather than close it, and if that story is as much fun to read as this one, you’ve already sold at least one copy next book in the series!
Summary--A British suspense thriller that nets a 5 star rating based on a complicated twisted plot and the strength of well designed characters told with a wonderful sense of pace and timing.

1. People get kilt. Be ready for it. Plenty of Violence that is appropriate and well managed for this type of story.
2. Anyone will enjoy this story but it has what I consider a distinctly British feel to it that may be different for you if you read a lot of Suspense Novels by North American authors.
3. You may want to set up a safe house in case the same thing happens to you.
Thank you to you both for the time and effort taken reading and reviewing my books.

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