Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Release day appearances

I have been making a few appearances today as part of the launch for Identity X, and so instead of listing them all as seperate blog posts, I will list a few of the appearances here.
First up is an appearance with Ella Medler on her blog. She has got an excerpt and a full review of what she thought of Identity X.  Don't take my word for it that it's any good!  You can read the full post HERE.
Secondly is an author spotlight being hosted on the All Authors Blog. You can view the full post, and see what I had to say about a writer finding his or her voice HERE.

There is also a post on the wonderful Lucy Pireel's blog, and I am so thankful for her help in spreading the word.  You can see the post HERE
Also, I have been chatting with Kayla from Kayla's Place Book Blog.  If you want to find out which actors I would cast in the lead roles, or what advice I would give to new writrers, head over to her BLOG now!
It has been really great listening to all the chatter today, and seeing how the world of social media has engaged in the release day for Identity X.  I am so thankful for all of you who are helping and taking part!

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