Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Slide Show

After seeing somebody's post on Facebook about Pinterest, I decided to have a look at opening my own account.  And I did.  I can't tell you that I really know what I am doing yet, but what it has done is open up the concept of using images to help portray different elements of Identity X.

So today I thought I would share some of these images on my blog (a platform that I actually know something about!) and explain why these images are important.

Identity X is not just a book about science and DNA.  The story between Ben and Hannah is paramount.  Without their love, and their love for their son Matthew, there is nothing worth fighting for.

When Ben is forced to run, he is left with little chance for hiding.  But he finds his chance unexpectedly.  How might he feel hiding just the other side of the door like this when somebody has just shot at him?

Exactly how Hannh might feel, considering the state of her marriage and absent husband.

When Ben arrives at the safe house, all he can see is a concrete box in which he is hidden.  But what is outside of it?  Will he ever see it?

A great example of a possible building to represent headquarters, but will Catherine make it in and out on time?
Identity X is available on 24th September 2013


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