Monday, August 6, 2012

A moment of Flash Fiction

After stumbling across a fantastic website for writers ( I have decided to take part in this week's flash fiction competition.  The idea is (for those of you like me who didn't know) to take an image and develop a short story that is inspired by the image.  I have found it really challenging, and actually quite difficult.  This can only be good for my writing!!

This week's image available on ( has inspired a short story called The Kiss, and I would love for you to stop by a give it a read. 

Here is an excerpt for you.  Don't forget to use the link below for the full story and to 'like' it!

As she closed her eyes the walls around her fell away, silently crumbling to the ground. Her feet skipped through the fallen blanket of autumnal red and gold beneath her feet, rustling the leaves into plumes of hope. Hope had been until now all that she had. She had clung to it. She was weightless as she rose into the air, both feet off the ground in the balmy glow of the low afternoon sun as it cradled her in its gentle warmth. She could barely see the trees as the hazy light scattered through the trunks and branches, darting rays bursting through. This place is not real, but she would stay here. She would stay wrapped up in this utopian dream for an eternity if she could.

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