Friday, August 3, 2012

The cure for writer's block

Today did not get off to a good start.  I spent my usual time on twitter,, email, and little bit of celebrating for team GB for another gold (well done!).  Then I opened up the file for the as of yet nameless 'Book 2' and proceeded to sit and watch that nasty little cursor refuse to move.  I was willing it on, but in fact the only direction it budged was backwards, making a cut of approximately 100 words.  Doh!

So what to do?  I had never had writer's block before.  When I used to sneak in time here and there, I always had something to type.  I would have already spent two days, maybe more dreaming up the next section of the story, But now it's a whole different story.  Everyday I have time at this computer.  It has become the thing I spend most time with.  So whereas the previously uncreative moments were probably filled in chasing around doing something else, now they are sat here.......waiting.  And waiting.........

So I looked to the rest of the ebook world for help.  I asked my network of electronic friends how might I get past it, and the answer is it seems not that simple.  Everybody does something different.  So thanks to all of you (that's you PhilipG, Carradee, Swolf, Catana, Tensen, Lisa Scott, Edward C. Patterson, and Harriet Schultz) who gave me inspiration to get going again.  My solution was simply to get another coffee and chocolate coissant.  That helped too.....

Here are a few ideas that they gave me.
- move on to another chapter.  Come back to this difficult section when you know what is going on further down the story.
- There is no block, you just have to be more creative.  get a character to do something oddball, and remember to worry about refinements in a later revision.
- Take a walk and consider the story further.  Get a time out.
- Start a new story.
- Have a day off from writing.
- Maybe there is 'something wrong'.  Tired?  Self doubts?  Work it out and fix it
- Ask yourself honestly is your material boring you.  If it is, cut it and get to the good bits.
- Just keep writing on through it with the attitude that anything is better than nothing, it might just come out OK.

What are your ways of working out writer's block?


  1. Glad to see I am not the only one a displaced today. I did complete a blog post and I happy with that at least. Donna

  2. I hope that you found a way through your block!!