Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday morning after the week before

Well it's the Friday morning after the week before, and my writing is my victim.  Oh dear.  All those intentions, all those self made promises.  I have been lured away by the call of the internet, the emails, the kindleboards and now my blog. 

Having guests from the UK is wonderful, and I love it.  However, night after night of consistent social butterfly activity, eating out, drinking, eating out again, and again, and again, and today all you get left with are gritty eyes and a sleepy head.  I don't need to confess to any hangovers, I'm a big girl now and I'm English so I can take a couple of glasses of wine here and there.  But too much food + too much wine = poor writing effort.  And that's math that even I can do.

So today the word count for my WIP is on 1265.  WIP total just over 64000.  This is not where I wanted to be by this Friday.  I was hoping for a good 4000 words more.  But next Friday's deadline is still there, and it's still sitting on my shoulder giving me a good nudge.  We will hit the end of the first draft by then (that's me and my deadline we are working in unison).  So now I am going to take myself back home, make a nice cup of tea, and zone out for a couple of hours.  But get ready for me Sunday, because here I come!


  1. Writing is one of the most difficult professions out there because it is the writer and the computer (or notebook, notepad, scraps of paper). It is lonely at times, and some days I feel like beating my head on the desk. So many tempting things present themselves that try to pry me away. Giving in is easy, but generally, once I make myself start writing, outside attractions fade. My characters welcome me to their world, and I am content to be with them.

    Good luck in your goals this week, my friend! Best.

  2. Hi! You are so right. What I really need to do is turn off my wifi connection, lose all the doors, and I know the only place I'll end up is the grimy imaginary city of Chesterwood tracking down how Elizabeth's sister met her sorry end. Today that's exactly what I did, and it worked like a treat!

    How are your draft coming along? I hope you are getting it to where you want it to be! All the best, M