Thursday, August 9, 2012

The world of interviews

In the world of publishing there seems to be, as said before, certain rules.  You have to live in London or New York, you have to have a great approach letter, you have to have to publish at least one short story in a magazine or flash fiction collection.  Complete the list, and get your agent.  Yet somehow it is tinged with the same sincerity as the 'we loved your work' in my pile of rejection letters.

But it seems that there are certain rules that are worth abiding too.  One of those rules is meet other authors.  Now I'm not talking about hot-footing it over to Bangor, Maine and roaming the streets until you find Stephen Kings house and demanding a coffee date.  I'm talking about meeting other authors, like you (and me) that are publishing their own work, believing that it is good enough to be read and sold, although not yet stamped with the approval from one of the main publishing houses.  That is unless Stephen King wants to meet you.  Then, saying no possibly could be a mistake.

So, through various forums I have met a very talented author.  Griffin Hayes is the author of Malice (which I have read and loved) and Dark Passage (which is downloaded and waiting for me).  I have recently been interviewed by Griffin, and you will be able to catch the full interview here and on his blog. I highly recommend that you take the time to stop by.   

So this got me thinking, that having other authors interviewed for my blog would also be a great opportunity to meet new writers, find new novels, and also make this blog a lot more interesting than me waffling on everyday about myself like I am in therapy.  So I will definately be introducing you to the world of Griffin Hayes, and then every now and again will be introducing you to other authors who are prepared to answer my questions. 

If you are an author who would like a chance to guest blog or be interviewed, this is your place.  Drop me an email or leave a comment.

Happy writing!

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