Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waking up to good news!

After thinking that I had just about got this Amazon KDP thing sussed, and that I hadn't sold a single book (except the one i purchased for myself, that is), it had not been the best first two weeks with regards to The Loss of Deference.  I logged on as I do everyday to the, and realised that I had another message.  Somebody told me that they had just purchased my book!  Excitement went into overdrive as I ran back in to the living room to announce the life changing 30 pence revenue that we had just made......I was on my way to an Aston Martin!!  After settling my excitement enough, I log into Amazon, and don't find the sale recorded anywhere.  Hum, something is not right.

After a lot of fiddling and refreshing and reloading, I have finaly worked out that I am a little bit stupid.  There is a drop down box that has eluded me since the start where I can flick through the different sites, eg .com and  But no more!  I have found it and have actually been making sales!  Not many, but sales!

So a big thank you to the first few (eight actually!) who have purchased my book.  Even if you are friends and familiy, it is a start.  One small step for Michelle and all that..........

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  1. Hi Michelle - those silly reports. I also find that they update randomly. At times I think I should have sales and then nothing happens - then they all appear at once. Strange.

    I added tags to your ebook product page on Amazon US. If you look just below "More About the Author" you'll see what I added. Good luck with your title.

    The Book Snoop